A backup of an Internet site is a copy of its content, which is kept on a different web server and could be restored if something happens. This feature is very handy, because you can never know if a script update will not go wrong or if you won't erase something unintentionally - a file, a folder, a database entry, and so on. If your website is backed up, it could be restored the way it was before the issue appeared, so there shall not be any damage, or at least it'll be minimal, based on the particular scenario. Keeping backups on your computer is not very feasible, because you would have to do it at least once daily and you could still lose information if your last backup is not recent enough. In this light, you will need to rely on your website hosting company, so you must double-check their policy on the backups, as some companies create backups only once each week, which will do no good if a problem occurs with a site which is being used and updated constantly, such as an online store, for example.
Daily Data Back-up in Shared Hosting
Because we understand how important your Internet site information is, we keep day-to-day backups of all your files and databases, so in case anything breaks down, the site may be restored just the way it was. What's more, we create at least 4 separate backups each day, so what will be restored will be nearly identical with, if not exactly the same as, what you had before. You can see the backups right through the File Manager section of your Hepsia Cp and see on what day and at what hour they were set up. Then you can just copy the content to the live site folder. As an alternative, you could contact us and we'll restore the backup from the needed date for you. We keep backups irrespective of which shared hosting you have chosen, so you'll never need to stress about losing any part of your web content.