InnoDB is a very popular storage engine for the MySQL DBMS. It is an alternative to the default engine – MyISAM, and it has got a number of strengths which make it the preferred engine for plenty of PHP-driven applications, such as Magento and Joomla, which have switched over to InnoDB for good. For instance, adding huge volumes of data will be much faster with InnoDB, as it locks only a single database row to perform a task, not the entire database table, which makes the engine ideal for scalable apps. It also supports foreign keys and transactions – these refer to the way in which the data is handled. In simpler words, adding new or editing existent data will either be fully completed, or will be aborted and the operation will be rolled back if a given issue appears in the meantime, thus the content that remains in the database won’t be damaged.
InnoDB in Shared Hosting
Any PHP script-powered software app that needs InnoDB will run impeccably on our cutting-edge cloud website hosting platform and the database storage engine comes with all our shared hosting packages. Whenever you create a MySQL database manually or our app installer tool creates one automatically and an app installation process is initiated, the engine that the database will make use of will be selected on the basis of the app’s requirements without having to configure any setting in your hosting account. InnoDB will be selected automatically for any app that requires this particular engine and you will be able to take advantage of its full capacity. We’ll create daily backups of your content, so if you unintentionally remove a database that you need or you overwrite a certain part of it, we will be able to restore everything the way it was only several hours earlier.