A data center could be identified as an advanced warehouse for web servers. This is a facility which holds numerous servers used by businesses for storing web content and files or for executing computation services at a big scale. Web hosting, search engines and huge social networks are only a few examples of the services that need data centers for their web servers since they cannot function on one hosting server. The facilities deal with the temperature, humidity, electrical power and connection backups so as to ensure the most effective and uninterrupted operation of all hosting servers housed there. All data centers include 24/7 monitoring and restrict the access to the hosting servers in order to make certain that the hosting servers are secure all of the time. The quality of any Internet service you get usually depends not simply on the company you communicate with, but also on the data center facility they use.
Data centers in Shared Hosting
If you opt to obtain a shared hosting package from us, you shall be able to select between five data centers on the order page and you can have your account set up in Colohouse (Chicago, USA), UK Servers (Coventry, United Kingdom), Amaze (Sydney, AU), Ficolo (Pori, Finland) or S3Company (Sofia, Bulgaria). We have hosting servers a number of locations in order to offer you a choice to pick the most suitable one for your sites, so both you and your site visitors can benefit from great loading speeds. Every one of the facilities has 24/7 tech support, power generators and several Internet routes through some of the major ISPs within the respective country. Together with our groundbreaking cloud web hosting platform, this means virtually no service disruptions of any sort, so your websites shall be up and running at all times. The facilities are amongst the largest ones on the planet and some of them house even government hosting servers, so collocating our machines there allows us to focus on presenting new services and enhancing the existing ones all of the time.
Data centers in Dedicated Servers
If you require a lot of computing power for your sites and you acquire one of the dedicated server packages we offer you, you will be able to benefit from the amazing service our Chicago-based data center provides. The Colohouse facility is where our dedicated hosting servers are kept and hosting your websites there will allow you to reach the entire North American continent with ease. Direct connections with the East and West Coasts, with numerous large cities in the area and even across the Atlantic ensure the fast access speeds to your web content. Your machine will never be unavailable since it will have its own powerful UPS device that'll keep it functioning until 1.5 MW diesel power generators start working if there is a power disruption. The 24/7 server maintenance staff will react in no time if there is any problem with your machine and we have spares and whole backup servers within the facility, so your sites will be operational no matter what.